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Hello and welcome!

When you're a webmaster like me, you know it's not easy to make money running a website or blog.

Does your Google Analytics show an audience of over 1,000 or even 10,000 visitors a day but it hardly pays for the hosting expenses?
Does it feel like you're wasting your valuable time maintaining your website?

You may have tried Google Adsense, affiliate marketing and every SEO and BlackHat trick in the book but came to the conclusion it won't make much money.

But did you aim at the right industry? Did you?
If you want to make money, go where the big money is: gambling

Casinos are booming business on the internet, people aging from 18 up to 81 like to try their luck and many of them are returning visitors.
Roulette, poker, baccarat, wheel of fortune, keno, black jack, slots, craps and online betting are a multi-billion Dollar industry.

Did you know some casinos let you earn up to 40% of their profit? And that's for every time a player returns to the casino.
How's that compared to the lousy 1-5% you earn with ordinary affiliate websites?

Now I can make it a long story but as always "the proof is in the eating of the pudding".

So: sign up to become an affiliate of one of the largest casinos, choose the marketing tools that suits your website, place some ads and enjoy the money you'll start making.

My favorite casino for affiliates is Uffiliates (888 Casino) , Betsson and EGamingOnline.
They pay within 2-3 weeks after each month and it's possible to pay out by Skrill (Moneybookers) too.

EGamingOnline.com is also a very popular, with brands like "EU Casino" and "RedKings":

Sign up to become an EGamingOnline.com affiliate!

After you signed up for an affiliate program, don't forget to sign up at Skrill !

Most online casinos offer "free to play" games with play money.
So if you like to find out what's the best casino for your website, click on one of the banners below and give it a spin, 100% free.

At the bottom of this page are a few examples of the different looking banners that are available at different casino's.
These are all 468x60 pixels but they come in all the IAB standard sizes, from small buttons to giant skyscrapers.

Maybe you ask yourself: "is this for real?"
Well, I wouldn't have gone through all the trouble of creating this website if I wasn't sure you will make me money by signing up by one of my referral links.

Don't forget to try some of the free to play casino games yourself. Why?

The biggest mistake many affiliates make is that they don't understand why people visit online casino's at all.
Why does someone gamble while everyone knows the house always wins?

Try it for yourself. Feel the rush! Play some free games and see how you get sucked in.
The feeling when you win, that gut feeling "you'll earn it all back" on the next deposit.

And don't forget to try some of the strategies you may promote on your website.
Did you ever play Martingale, Paroli or Fibonacci for yourself?

Sign up at one of the links below, play for free, get that winning spirit or losing feeling and don't forget to have fun!

online casino:
example of casino banners for different brands, with "free 2 play" games too
Vegas Style casino